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Learning more about open-source tech in Albania can be done through a variety of resources and outlets, including the following:
  1. Open Labs Albania: Open Labs Albania is a community of open-source enthusiasts and advocates based in Tirana. They regularly host events, workshops, and hackathons to promote open-source technologies and educate the public on the benefits of using them.

  2. FLOSSK: FLOSSK is a non-profit organization that promotes free and open-source software in Kosovo and Albania. They organize events and meetups to bring together like-minded individuals and share knowledge and resources.

  3. Albanian Open Source Network: The Albanian Open Source Network is an online community of Albanian developers and tech enthusiasts who share a passion for open-source technologies. They offer resources, news, and a forum for discussions on open-source topics.

  4. GitHub: GitHub is a popular platform for hosting and sharing open-source code. By searching for repositories tagged with “Albania” or “Albanian,” you can discover projects and codebases created by Albanian developers.

Notable technologists from Albania throughout history include:

  1. Gent Strazimiri: Strazimiri is a software engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded the Albanian online shopping platform, He is also a mentor for aspiring Albanian tech entrepreneurs.

  2. Dritan Nace: Nace is a computer scientist and software engineer who co-founded Babelway, a cloud-based integration platform for businesses. He has also worked for companies like Amazon and Microsoft.

  3. Lulzim Berisha: Berisha is a computer science professor and researcher who has contributed to the development of numerous open-source software projects, including the Python programming language.

  4. Artur Bari: Bari is a software engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded several Albanian tech startups, including the online marketplace and the app development company Dibla.

Overall, the Albanian tech community is growing and thriving, with many talented individuals contributing to the development and promotion of open-source technologies. By exploring the resources and individuals mentioned above, you can learn more about this exciting field and discover ways to get involved yourself.

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