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To learn more about open-source tech in Azerbaijan, the following resources and links may be helpful:
  1. Open Source Azerbaijan: This website provides news and resources related to open-source technology in Azerbaijan.

  2. Azerbaijan Linux Users Group: This is a community of Linux users in Azerbaijan who organize events and provide support and resources for open-source enthusiasts.

  3. Open Data Azerbaijan: This website provides access to open data resources in Azerbaijan.

  4. Azerbaijan Software Export Association: This is an organization that promotes software development and exports in Azerbaijan, including open-source software.

Notable technologists from Azerbaijan throughout history include:

  1. Lotfi Zadeh: He is known for his work on fuzzy logic, which has applications in many areas, including artificial intelligence and control systems.

  2. Yusif Mammadaliyev: He was a mathematician who made contributions to the theory of groups and Lie algebras.

  3. Lev Landau: He was a physicist who made significant contributions to the theory of condensed matter and superconductivity.

  4. Rasim Alguliyev: He is a computer scientist who has made contributions to the development of intelligent systems and natural language processing.

  5. Ilham Aliyev: He is the current president of Azerbaijan and has prioritized the development of the country’s IT sector, including the promotion of open-source technology.

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