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1. Join the Bahamas Open Source User Group (BOSUG) BOSUG is a community of open-source enthusiasts in the Bahamas. They meet regularly to discuss open-source technologies and share knowledge about open-source projects. Joining this group is a great way to learn more about open-source tech in the Bahamas. You can find their website here: [](
  1. Attend Tech Conferences in the Bahamas Attending tech conferences in the Bahamas is another great way to learn more about open-source tech. Many conferences have sessions and talks focused on open-source technologies. Some notable conferences to attend include the Bahamas Tech Summit, Techstars Startup Weekend Bahamas, and Bahamas Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Conference.

  2. Check out Bahamian Tech Blogs There are several blogs and online publications focused on technology in the Bahamas. These blogs cover everything from open-source technologies to startups and innovations. Some notable blogs to check out include The Bahamas Investor, Bahamas Tech News, and Bahamas Local.

  3. Learn from Notable Bahamian Technologists There have been several notable Bahamian technologists throughout history who have contributed to the open-source community. Some of these technologists include:

  • Tara Davis: Founder of the Bahamas Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference.
  • Craig Gibson: Founder of Bahamas Local, a platform for promoting Bahamian businesses.
  • Leslie Miller: Former Minister of Trade and Industry who has worked to promote technology and innovation in the Bahamas.

By utilizing these resources and learning from notable technologists, you can gain a better understanding of open-source tech in the Bahamas.

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