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To learn more about open-source tech in Bangladesh, you can explore various online resources and platforms. Here are some resources with links to help you get started:
  1. Open Source Network Bangladesh: This is a community of open-source enthusiasts, developers, and technologists in Bangladesh. The community provides resources, support, and training to help people learn and contribute to open-source projects.

  2. Bangladesh Open Source Network: This is another community of open-source enthusiasts and developers in Bangladesh. The community offers a range of resources, including forums, tutorials, and project ideas.

  3. Linux Bangladesh: This is a group of Linux enthusiasts and developers in Bangladesh. The group hosts regular meetups and events to discuss Linux-related topics and share knowledge and ideas.

  4. Github: This is a popular platform for hosting and sharing open-source projects. You can search for open-source projects from Bangladesh and contribute to them.

Here are some notable technologists from Bangladesh throughout history:

  1. Dr. Muhammad Yunus: He is a Nobel Peace Prize-winning economist and social entrepreneur. He is also known for developing the concept of microcredit, which has helped millions of people in Bangladesh and other developing countries.

  2. Dr. Joykumar Moneem: He is a computer scientist and researcher who has made significant contributions to the development of computer networking and communication in Bangladesh.

  3. Dr. M. Shamim Kaiser: He is a software engineer and researcher who has worked on a range of open-source projects and has authored several books on software engineering.

  4. Nurul Ferdous: He is a software engineer and entrepreneur who has founded several tech startups in Bangladesh. He is also a contributor to several open-source projects and has won awards for his work.

In summary, there are many resources and notable technologists in Bangladesh who have contributed to the development of open-source technology. By exploring these resources and learning from these technologists, you can gain a better understanding of open-source tech in Bangladesh and beyond.

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