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Belgium has a vibrant open-source tech community, and there are various resources available to learn more about it. Here are some of the best resources and notable technologists from Belgium throughout history:
  1. Open Knowledge Belgium: Open Knowledge Belgium is a non-profit organization that promotes open knowledge and open data. They organize various events and workshops to educate people about open-source technologies.

  2. OpenStreetMap Belgium: OpenStreetMap Belgium is a community of volunteers who create and maintain free and editable maps of Belgium. They organize mapping parties and training sessions to teach people about mapping and open-source technologies.

  3. The Open Source Way: The Open Source Way is a book written by Jono Bacon, a former community manager for Ubuntu. It is a comprehensive guide to building successful open-source communities and projects. Jono Bacon is also a notable technologist from Belgium.

  4. Drupal Belgium: Drupal Belgium is a community of Drupal developers and users. They organize meetups, training sessions, and DrupalCamps to teach people about Drupal and open-source technologies.

  5. Python Belgium: Python Belgium is a community of Python developers and enthusiasts. They organize meetups, conferences, and workshops to teach people about Python and open-source technologies.

  6. Guido van Rossum: Guido van Rossum is a computer programmer who created the Python programming language. He was born in the Netherlands but spent most of his career in Belgium while working at the European Space Agency.

  7. Paul Otlet: Paul Otlet was a Belgian bibliographer and entrepreneur who created the Universal Decimal Classification system. He is considered a pioneer of information science and open access to information.

  8. Maurice de Hirsch: Maurice de Hirsch was a Belgian banker and philanthropist who founded the Hirsch Foundation. The foundation supported scientific research and education in Belgium and was known for its support of open access to scientific knowledge.

Overall, there are many resources available to learn more about open-source tech in Belgium. By attending events, reading books, and studying the work of notable technologists, you can gain a better understanding of this exciting field.

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