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Learning more about open-source tech in Bolivia can be done by exploring the resources and links provided below:
  1. Open Source Bolivia: This website provides news and information about the open-source community in Bolivia, including events, projects, and initiatives. It also features a directory of local companies and organizations involved in open-source development. (

  2. Open Source Ecology Bolivia: This group focuses on developing open-source technologies for sustainable agriculture, energy, and housing. They host workshops and training programs for individuals interested in contributing to their projects. (

  3. Bolivian Free Software Foundation: This organization promotes the use of free and open-source software in Bolivia. They offer resources and support for individuals and organizations interested in adopting these technologies. (

  4. Bolivian Linux User Group: This community brings together individuals interested in Linux and other open-source technologies. They organize events and share information about open-source tools and projects. (

Some notable technologists from Bolivia throughout history include:

  1. Jaime Escalante: A Bolivian-American educator who developed innovative teaching methods for teaching math to inner-city students in the United States.

  2. Luis Espinal Camps: A Jesuit priest and journalist who was assassinated in Bolivia for his social and political activism. He was also a pioneer in using radio and other media to promote social justice.

  3. Oscar Olivera: An environmental and labor activist who helped lead the Cochabamba Water War, a successful movement against the privatization of water in Bolivia.

  4. Jose Luis Mostajo Maertens: A Bolivian scientist who developed new methods for detecting and treating cancer using natural compounds. His work has been recognized internationally.

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