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1. Brunei Open Source Community - The Brunei Open Source Community is a group of developers and enthusiasts who are passionate about open-source technologies. They regularly host events and meetups to share their knowledge and promote the use of open-source software.
  1. Brunei Geek Meet - Brunei Geek Meet is a tech community that aims to bring together technologists, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to share knowledge and collaborate on projects. They regularly host events and meetups to discuss various topics related to tech, including open-source technologies.

  2. Open Source Brunei - Open Source Brunei is a website that serves as a resource for people who are interested in learning more about open-source software in Brunei. It provides information on open-source tools and technologies, as well as news and events related to the open-source community in Brunei.

  3. Notable technologists from Brunei throughout history:

  • Haji Mohammad Yusuf bin Haji Abdul Rahim - a pioneer in the field of computer science in Brunei, he was instrumental in the establishment of the country’s first computer center in 1977.

  • Haji Matusin Matasan - a software developer and entrepreneur who founded BAG Networks, a company that provides IT solutions and services to businesses in Brunei.

  • Awangku Shahrir bin Awangku Haji Md Yusof - a lecturer at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, he is an expert in the field of cybersecurity and has published several papers on the subject.

  • Muhammad Arif bin Haji Abdul Rahman - a software developer and founder of FIFTHIRTY, a software development company based in Brunei. He has developed several open-source tools and contributed to various open-source projects.

Overall, there are several resources and communities in Brunei that can help individuals learn more about open-source technologies. By leveraging these resources and collaborating with other like-minded individuals, anyone can become proficient in using and contributing to open-source software.

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