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To learn more about open-source tech in Burundi, here are some resources with links and notable technologists from Burundi throughout history:
  1. Burundi Open Data: This website provides open data on various topics related to Burundi, including education, health, population, and more. It can help you understand the country’s open-source tech scene and the data that is available for developers to use in their projects.

  2. Open Burundi: This organization promotes the use of open-source software and hardware in Burundi. It provides training and support for developers and advocates for policies that encourage the adoption of open technology in the country.

  3. Burundi Innovation Hub: This is a technology and innovation center located in Bujumbura, Burundi. It provides co-working spaces, training, and mentorship to young entrepreneurs and innovators. It also hosts events and workshops on various topics related to technology and innovation.

Notable Technologists from Burundi:

  1. Léonidas Nzigiyimpa: He is the founder of Burundi Innovation Hub and an advocate for the use of technology to solve social problems. He has worked on various projects related to e-governance, e-health, and digital education in Burundi.

  2. Révérien Barakamfitiye: He is a computer science professor and researcher who has worked on various projects related to mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and software engineering. He is currently a professor at the University of Burundi.

  3. Domitien Ndihokubwayo: He is a software developer and entrepreneur who has founded several startups in Burundi. His company, NextGen, provides software solutions for various industries, including finance, education, and healthcare.

Overall, the open-source tech scene in Burundi is still developing, but there are many organizations and individuals working to promote its adoption and use. By exploring the resources and notable technologists mentioned above, you can learn more about the current state of open-source tech in Burundi and the potential for growth and innovation in the future.

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