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To learn more about open-source tech in Chile, one can start by exploring the following resources:
  1. Open Knowledge Chile - This is a non-profit organization that promotes open data, open access, and open education. They have a variety of resources and events to help people get involved in open-source technology in Chile.

  2. Mozilla Chile - Mozilla is a global organization that advocates for an open and accessible internet. The Chilean chapter provides resources and events to help people learn about open-source technology.

  3. Chile OpenSource - This is a website dedicated to promoting open-source technology in Chile. They have a directory of open-source software and tools, as well as news and events related to the open-source community.

  4. Meetup - Meetup is a website where people can find groups and events related to specific topics, including open-source technology. There are several open-source technology groups in Chile, such as OpenStack Chile, OpenStreetMap Chile, and Linux Chile.

Notable technologists from Chile throughout history include:

  1. Claudio Bunster - A physicist and researcher who has made significant contributions to the field of quantum mechanics.

  2. Felipe Lagos - A software developer and entrepreneur who co-founded Adexus, one of the largest IT companies in Chile.

  3. Jorge Barahona - A computer scientist who has made important contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.

  4. Eliana Valenzuela - A mathematician and computer scientist who has worked on developing algorithms for analyzing social networks.

  5. Verónica Michelle Bachelet - A politician and former president of Chile who has advocated for technology as a tool for social change.

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