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1. Join local open-source communities: Joining local open-source communities can help you connect with like-minded people and gain insight into the open-source landscape in China. Some popular communities in China include Open Source China (OSC) and Open Source Beijing (OSBJ).
  1. Attend open-source events and conferences: Attending open-source events and conferences is an excellent way to learn more about open-source tech in China. Some notable events include the Open Source Summit China and the China Open Source Conference.

  2. Follow open-source tech news and blogs: Stay up to date with the latest open-source news and trends in China by following tech news and blogs. Some popular sources include China Tech Insights, TechNode, and Open Source Observatory.

  3. Read open-source books and resources: There are plenty of books and resources available that cover open-source tech in China. Some recommended titles include “Open Source in China: Lessons for the Global Community” by Hongwei Li and “Open Source Software in China” by Hongyi Sun.

  4. Study notable technologists from China: Learning about notable technologists from China throughout history can provide insight into the country’s contribution to open-source tech. Some notable technologists include Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, and Junio Hamano, the maintainer of Git.


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