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There are several resources available online for those who are interested in learning more about open-source tech in Colombia. Here are some useful resources with links:
  1. Open Source Colombia ( This is a community-driven organization that promotes open-source software and technologies in Colombia. They organize events, workshops, and training sessions for the Colombian tech community.

  2. Colnodo ( This is a non-profit organization that works to promote ICTs for social development in Colombia. They offer training and consulting services on open-source software and technologies.

  3. Open Source Initiative ( This is a global non-profit organization that promotes and protects open-source software and technologies. They have a directory of open-source licenses and a list of approved open-source software.

  4. GitHub ( This is a web-based platform for software development projects that use open-source technologies. It hosts a large number of open-source projects, including many from Colombia.

Here are some notable technologists from Colombia throughout history:

  1. Silvia Tcherassi: She is a fashion designer who has been recognized for her innovative use of technology in fashion design.

  2. Francisco Valencia: He is the founder of the Open Science Foundation in Colombia, which promotes open access to scientific research.

  3. Alberto Lleras Camargo: He was a Colombian journalist and politician who was the first president of the Organization of American States.

  4. Jaime Garzón: He was a Colombian journalist and comedian who used his platform to promote social justice and human rights.

  5. Gloria Valencia de Castaño: She was a pioneer in Colombian television and radio, and was the first woman to run a television station in the country.

Overall, learning about open-source tech in Colombia can be a great way to gain insights into the country’s tech industry and the impact of technology on social development. With the resources and technologists mentioned above, you can get started on your journey towards a deeper understanding of this field.

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