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To learn more about open-source technology in Croatia, here are some resources with links:
  1. Open Source Croatia - an association that promotes and develops open source technology in Croatia. Their website ( provides information on events, news, and projects related to open source technology in Croatia.

  2. Croatian Linux Users' Association - a non-profit organization that promotes the use of Linux and other open-source software in Croatia. Their website ( offers resources and information on Linux and other open source technologies.

  3. GitHub Croatia - a community of developers and open source enthusiasts in Croatia. They organize events and provide a platform for collaboration and sharing of knowledge and projects. Their GitHub page ( showcases some of the projects developed by their members.

  4. Open Data Croatia - a project that promotes the use and sharing of open data in Croatia. Their website ( offers access to datasets, tools, and resources related to open data.

Here are some notable technologists from Croatia throughout history:

  1. Nikola Tesla - an inventor, electrical engineer, and physicist who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

  2. Ivana Trump - a businesswoman, socialite, and former fashion model who is also a pioneer in the field of fashion and fragrance design.

  3. Boris Krtinic - a software developer and entrepreneur who founded Infinum, a software development company that has worked on projects for companies such as Nike, Porsche, and Samsung.

  4. Sasa Jankovic - a professor of computer science at the University of Zagreb who is known for his research on software engineering, object-oriented programming, and agile development.

  5. Vedran Vucic - a software developer and entrepreneur who founded Bugsnag, a company that provides bug tracking and error monitoring software for mobile and web applications.

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