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Learning more about open-source technology in Czechia can be done through a variety of resources, including online communities, open-source software development projects, and events or conferences.

Online Communities:

  1. Czech Linux Users Group: A community of Linux users in the Czech Republic that regularly hosts meetups and provides support for Linux users.
  2. OpenAlt: A non-profit organization that promotes open-source software, hardware, and culture in the Czech Republic through events and advocacy.

Open-source software development projects:

  1. Red Hat Czech: Red Hat is a global software company that has a strong presence in the Czech Republic, with a development center in Brno. They contribute to many open-source projects, including the Linux kernel and OpenStack.
  2. OpenMandriva: An open-source operating system developed by a team of international developers, including Czech contributors.

Events and conferences:

  1. Open Source Conference Prague: An annual event that brings together open-source enthusiasts, developers, and advocates to share knowledge and network.
  2. PyCon CZ: An annual conference for Python developers in the Czech Republic that includes talks, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Notable technologists from Czechia throughout history:

  1. Ivan Sutherland: A computer scientist and pioneer of computer graphics. He was born in Hastings, Nebraska, but spent much of his childhood in Czechoslovakia.
  2. Petr Koupy: A software engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded the open-source database company, MySQL.
  3. Marek Rosa: A video game developer and founder of Keen Software House, which has released several popular open-source games.

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