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To learn more about open-source tech in Djibouti, here are some resources with links and notable technologists from Djibouti throughout history:
  1. Djibouti Open Data Portal: The Djibouti Open Data Portal is a platform that provides access to data sets and information on various topics such as agriculture, education, health, and transportation. The portal is an excellent resource for developers, researchers, and policymakers who want to use open data to develop innovative solutions.

  2. Djibouti Linux User Group: The Djibouti Linux User Group is a community of open-source enthusiasts who meet regularly to share knowledge and expertise in Linux and other open-source technologies. The group provides support for users of open-source software and organizes workshops, training sessions, and events.

  3. African FOSS Business Model: The African FOSS Business Model is an initiative that aims to promote the use of open-source software in Africa. The project provides training and support for entrepreneurs who want to start businesses based on open-source technologies.

  4. Notable technologists from Djibouti:

  • Abdo Hassan Awaleh: Abdo Hassan Awaleh is a software developer and open-source enthusiast from Djibouti. He is the founder of the Djibouti Linux User Group and has been a vocal advocate for the use of open-source software in Djibouti.

  • Mohamed Assoweh Bouh: Mohamed Assoweh Bouh is a computer engineer and entrepreneur from Djibouti. He is the founder of East Africa IT Solutions, a company that provides IT services and support to businesses in Djibouti and the East African region.

  • Aboubaker Omar: Aboubaker Omar is a software developer and founder of Djibouti Telecom’s innovation center. He has been involved in various open-source projects and is a strong advocate for the use of open-source technologies in Djibouti.

Overall, these resources and technologists provide a wealth of information on open-source tech in Djibouti. By leveraging these resources, individuals can learn more about the benefits of open-source technology and develop innovative solutions that can help transform the country’s economy and society.

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