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To learn more about open-source tech in Ecuador, there are various resources and notable technologists from Ecuador throughout history that one can explore. Here are some of them:


  1. Open Source Community Ecuador: This is a community-driven platform that promotes open-source technology in Ecuador. It organizes events, workshops, and training programs on open-source technologies such as Linux, Python, and JavaScript.

  2. Free Software Foundation Latin America: This is an organization that advocates for free software and open-source technology in Latin America, including Ecuador. They provide resources and information on open-source technologies, events, and projects.

  3. GitHub Ecuador: This is a platform for developers to collaborate on open-source projects. It hosts several projects related to open-source technology in Ecuador.

  4. Meetup Ecuador: This is a platform that brings together developers, entrepreneurs, and technologists interested in open-source technology. It organizes meetups, workshops, and networking events.

Notable Technologists from Ecuador:

  1. Luis Von Ahn: He is a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University and co-founder of Duolingo, a language-learning platform. He was born in Guatemala but grew up in Ecuador.

  2. Ricardo Galli: He is a software engineer and founder of the free software project GNU Solidario. He is also a co-founder of OpenSistemas, an open-source software company in Spain.

  3. Maria Alexandra Velez: She is a data scientist and co-founder of OpenWOM, an open-source platform for analyzing and visualizing social media data. She has also worked on projects related to machine learning and natural language processing.

  4. Fabian Rodriguez: He is a cybersecurity expert and open-source advocate. He has worked on several projects related to open-source technology, including Debian and Fedora.

In conclusion, learning about open-source tech in Ecuador requires exploring the available resources and notable technologists from the country. The above-listed resources and technologists are a great starting point for anyone interested in open-source technology in Ecuador.

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