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1. Resources:
  • The Egyptian Open Source Society (EOSS): This organization promotes and supports the use of open-source technologies in Egypt. They organize events, workshops, and training programs on various topics related to open-source tech. You can visit their website at
  • Open Source Egypt: This website is a community-driven platform that provides information and resources related to open-source software, hardware, and culture in Egypt. They feature articles, news, events, and job opportunities for open-source enthusiasts. Check it out at
  • Cairo Open MakerSpace (COM): This is a physical space in Cairo that provides tools, equipment, and resources for makers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. They offer training programs on electronics, programming, 3D printing, and other open-source technologies. You can learn more about them at
  1. Notable technologists from Egypt throughout history:
  • Ahmed Zewail: He was an Egyptian-American scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1999 for his work on femtochemistry. He developed ultrafast laser techniques that allowed the observation of chemical reactions in real-time.
  • Samir A. Abdalla: He is a prominent Egyptian physicist who has made significant contributions to the fields of particle physics and cosmology. He was involved in the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, which confirmed the existence of the Higgs field and explained how particles acquire mass.
  • Anwar El-Sadat: He was the third president of Egypt and a visionary leader who promoted science and technology as a means to modernize the country. He established the High Institute of Technology and the National Research Center, which are still active today.

By exploring the resources and learning about the achievements of these technologists, you can gain a better understanding of the open-source tech landscape in Egypt and the potential for future innovation.

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