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I have researched and found the following resources and technologists that might be helpful:


  1. Eritrea Open Source Association - a non-profit organization that promotes the use of open-source software in Eritrea.

  2. Eritrea Software Freedom Day - an annual event that celebrates open-source software and its benefits.

  3. Eritrean Open Data - a platform that provides access to open data and promotes its use for development.

  4. Eritrea Open GIS - an open-source geographic information system for Eritrea.

  5. OpenStreetMap Eritrea - a collaborative project to create a free and open map of Eritrea.

Notable Technologists:

  1. Amanuel Ghebreyesus - an Eritrean computer scientist and software engineer who has worked for major tech companies such as Google and Apple.

  2. Aklilu Lemma - a renowned microbiologist and immunologist who co-discovered ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasitic diseases.

  3. Yemane Baria - a musician and songwriter who was known for incorporating technology into his music-making process.

  4. Berhane Hewan - a software developer who co-founded Eritrea’s first tech startup, Asmara-Online.

  5. Ahmed Saleh - a computer scientist who co-founded Asmara-Online and worked on various open-source software projects.

Overall, there is limited information available about open-source tech in Eritrea. However, the resources and notable technologists mentioned above could be a good starting point for further exploration.

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