Code-free database by Baserow

Open source no-code database and Airtable alternative.

Create your own online database without technical experience. Our user friendly no-code tool gives you the powers of a developer without leaving your browser.

No-code platform that grows.

Are your projects, ideas or business processes unorganized or unclear? Do you have many tools for one job? With Baserow you decide how you want to structure everything. Whether you’re managing customers, products, airplanes or all of them. If you know how a spreadsheet works, you know how Baserow works..

Flexible software.

Software tailored to your needs instead of the other way around. Clear and accessible data by all your team members. Never unorganized projects, ideas and notes anymore.

Developer friendly

Easily create custom plugins with our boilerplate or use third party ones. Because Baserow is built with modern and proven frameworks it feels like a breeze for developers.

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Deal on a dojo.

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