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Learning about open-source technology in Fiji can be done through various resources, including:
  1. Fiji Linux Users Group (FLUG) - This is a community of open-source enthusiasts in Fiji who meet regularly to discuss and share information about open-source technologies.

  2. Open Source Fiji - This is an organization that promotes the use of open-source software in Fiji. Their website contains useful information on open-source technologies and resources.

  3. Fiji National University - The university offers courses in computer science and information technology that cover open-source technologies.

  4. GitHub - This is a popular platform for open-source software development. A search for Fiji-related projects on GitHub can provide insights into the open-source technology scene in Fiji.

Some notable technologists from Fiji throughout history include:

  1. Dr. Satish Chand - An economist and academic who has done extensive research on the impact of technology on the Fijian economy.

  2. Dr. Rohitash Chandra - A computer scientist who has worked on various open-source projects and has been a contributor to the development of the Linux kernel.

  3. Dr. Padmesh Venkataraman - A computer science researcher who has published several papers on open-source technologies and has been involved in the development of various open-source software projects.

Overall, the open-source technology scene in Fiji is growing, and there are many resources and notable technologists to learn from.

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