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Making open-source more accessible.
1. Resources for learning about open-source tech in Finland:
  • The Finnish Linux User Group (FLUG) is a community of Linux enthusiasts and open-source developers in Finland. They organize events and meetups, as well as provide a forum for discussion and collaboration.
  • Open Source Forum Finland is an organization that promotes the use of open-source software and technology in Finland. They provide resources and information on open-source technologies, as well as organize events and seminars.
  • Helsinki Hacklab is a community of makers, hackers, and artists who share a workspace and tools for building and experimenting with technology. They have a focus on open-source hardware and software projects.
  • Aalto University has a strong reputation in the fields of computer science and technology, and they offer courses and programs that emphasize open-source technologies.
  • The Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions (COSS) is a non-profit organization that promotes the use and development of open-source technologies in Finland. They provide training, consulting, and advocacy for open-source projects.
  1. Notable technologists from Finland:
  • Linus Torvalds is the creator of Linux, the open-source operating system that has become a cornerstone of the tech industry. Torvalds was born in Helsinki and studied at the University of Helsinki before moving to California to work for Silicon Valley companies.
  • Tatu Ylönen is the creator of SSH (Secure Shell), a protocol for secure remote access to computers. Ylönen was born in Helsinki and studied at Helsinki University of Technology.
  • Peter Vesterbacka is a Finnish entrepreneur and tech evangelist who was one of the founders of Rovio Entertainment, the company behind the hit mobile game Angry Birds. Vesterbacka has been a strong advocate for the Finnish startup scene and has worked to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the country.
  • Jaakko Ilkka is a Finnish computer scientist who was one of the pioneers of the internet in Finland. He helped to establish the first email system in the country and was instrumental in the development of the .fi domain.
  • Pekka Himanen is a philosopher and technology expert who has written extensively on the impact of digital technologies on society and culture. Himanen was born in Helsinki and studied at the University of Helsinki before earning his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley.

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