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Learning about open-source tech in Gambia can be an exciting and enlightening journey. Here are some resources with links that can help you dive deeper into the subject.
  1. The Gambia Open Data Portal: This portal provides access to various data sets, including health, education, agriculture, and more. The data is open-source and can be used for research and development.

  2. The Gambia ICT Association: This association brings together ICT professionals, enthusiasts, and stakeholders to promote the development of ICT in the country.

  3. African Digital Rights Hub: This platform provides information on digital rights, policies, and regulations across Africa, including Gambia.

  4. African Innovators Magazine: This publication showcases the innovations and achievements of African tech entrepreneurs, including those from Gambia.

Some notable technologists from Gambia throughout history include:

  1. Alhaji Foday Musa Suso: He is a master musician and composer who invented the kora-based MIDI instrument, which he called the Mandingo.

  2. Njaga Jagne: He is a computer engineer and entrepreneur who founded the Gambia’s first IT company, Unique Solutions Ltd.

  3. Sheriff Bojang Jr.: He is a digital media strategist and founder of The Standard Newspaper, which is one of Gambia’s leading newspapers.

  4. Isatou Jallow: She is the co-founder and CEO of the Clean Earth Gambia, a social enterprise that is focused on recycling waste and creating a cleaner environment.

  5. Bakary K. Jammeh: He is the founder and CEO of Farm Fresh, a social enterprise that is focused on empowering smallholder farmers in Gambia through technology and innovation.

In conclusion, learning about open-source tech in Gambia is a great way to gain insights into the country’s innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. By exploring the above resources and the achievements of notable technologists, you can gain a better understanding of the tech landscape in Gambia and how it’s shaping the country’s future.

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