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To learn more about open-source tech in Ghana, you can explore the following resources and notable technologists:
  1. Ghana Open Source Roadmap: This website provides a comprehensive overview of the open-source ecosystem in Ghana, including resources, events, and projects. The roadmap is maintained by the Ghana Open Source Network (GOSN), a community-driven initiative to promote and support the use of open-source software in Ghana.

  2. Ghana Linux User Group: This is a community of open-source enthusiasts in Ghana who share knowledge and collaborate on projects. The group organizes regular meetups, workshops, and conferences to promote open-source software development in Ghana.

  3. Ghana Tech Lab: This is a technology hub that provides training, mentorship, and resources for young tech entrepreneurs in Ghana. The lab has a focus on open-source technology and supports the development of innovative solutions to local challenges.

  4. Notable Technologists from Ghana: Throughout history, there have been several notable technologists from Ghana, including:

  • Herman Chinery-Hesse: Known as the “Bill Gates of Ghana,” Chinery-Hesse is the founder of the SOFTtribe software company and a pioneer of the technology industry in Ghana.

  • Dr. Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu: A robotics engineer and NASA scientist, Trebi-Ollennu is credited with developing the robotic arm used on the Mars rover.

  • Regina Honu: An entrepreneur and social activist, Honu founded Soronko Solutions, a technology company that trains and empowers young women in Ghana to pursue careers in tech.

  • Bright Simons: A social entrepreneur and innovator, Simons is the founder of mPedigree, a mobile authentication service that helps consumers verify the authenticity of pharmaceutical products.

By exploring these resources and learning about the achievements of these notable technologists, you can gain a deeper understanding of the open-source tech landscape in Ghana and the potential for innovation and growth in the field.

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