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Learning about open-source tech in Greece can be done through various resources such as attending meetups, joining online communities, and participating in hackathons and conferences. Here are some resources and notable technologists from Greece:
  1. Hellenic Linux Users Group - A community of Linux enthusiasts in Greece, they organize regular events, talks, and workshops.

  2. OpenCoffee Greece - A networking community for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts, they organize events and meetups in various cities in Greece.

  3. PyCon Greece - An annual conference for the Python programming language community in Greece, it features talks, workshops, and sprints.

  4. Athens Hackathon - An annual hackathon event in Athens, it brings together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to build innovative solutions.

Notable technologists from Greece:

  1. Archimedes - A famous mathematician, physicist, and inventor, he is considered one of the greatest scientists in history.

  2. Constantine Karatheodory - A mathematician and physicist, he made significant contributions to the field of thermodynamics and mathematical analysis.

  3. John Argyris - A mechanical engineer, he is known for his work in developing the finite element method, a technique widely used in engineering.

  4. Demis Hassabis - A computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher, he is the co-founder of DeepMind, an AI research company acquired by Google.

  5. Miltiadis Lytras - A computer scientist and professor, he is known for his work in e-learning and semantic web technologies.

In conclusion, there are various resources available to learn more about open-source tech in Greece, and notable technologists from Greece have made significant contributions to various fields of science and technology.

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