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Making open-source more accessible.
Learning about open-source technology in Guyana can be a challenging task, but there are various resources and notable technologists to explore. Here are some resources to help you get started:
  1. Open Source Guyana (OSG): This organization aims to promote the use of open-source software and technology in Guyana. They provide resources, workshops, and events to help developers and enthusiasts learn more about open-source technology. Visit their website to learn more:

  2. GitHub: This platform hosts millions of open-source projects, including many created by developers in Guyana. You can search for projects related to your interests and even contribute to them. Visit GitHub at

  3. Meetup: This is a platform for organizing and attending tech-related events, including those focused on open-source technology. You can search for events in your area and connect with like-minded individuals. Visit Meetup at

  4. Notable Technologists from Guyana:

a. Dr. Ulric Trotz: He is a leading climate scientist and has worked on various projects related to climate change and sustainability.

b. Dr. Rayman Khan: He is a computer science professor at the University of Guyana and has worked on various projects related to information technology.

c. Ryan Persaud: He is a software developer and entrepreneur who has created various open-source projects related to e-commerce and content management.

In conclusion, learning about open-source technology in Guyana requires some effort, but with the resources and notable technologists mentioned above, you can start your journey to becoming an open-source enthusiast.

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