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There are several ways to learn more about open-source tech in Hungary. Here are some resources with links and notable technologists from Hungary throughout history:
  1. Open Source Community Hungary - This is a community of open source enthusiasts in Hungary who share knowledge and experience, organize events, and promote open source technologies.

  2. Budapest Open Access Initiative - This is an initiative to promote open access to scholarly research, founded by a group of academics and technologists in Budapest, Hungary.

  3. Linux User Group Hungary - This is a group of Linux users in Hungary who meet regularly to share knowledge, experience, and ideas.

  4. Open Source Alliance for Hungary - This is an alliance of companies and organizations in Hungary that promote open source technologies and collaborate on open source projects.

Notable Technologists from Hungary throughout history:

  1. John von Neumann - He was a mathematician, physicist, and computer scientist who made significant contributions to the development of the modern computer and game theory.

  2. Paul Erdős - He was a mathematician who made significant contributions to number theory and graph theory, and was known for his collaborations with other mathematicians around the world.

  3. Zoltán Kodály - He was a composer, music educator, and ethnomusicologist who developed a system of music education based on folk songs and traditional music.

  4. László Bíró - He was an inventor and journalist who invented the modern ballpoint pen.

  5. Levente Szabados - He is a software developer and open source enthusiast who has contributed to several open source projects, including the GNOME desktop environment.

  6. Péter Szilágyi - He is a software developer who is the lead developer of the Ethereum blockchain platform.

  7. András Benczúr - He is a computer scientist who has made significant contributions to the fields of algorithms and data mining.

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