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Learning about open-source tech in Jordan can be a great way to understand the technology landscape of the country. Here are some resources and notable technologists from Jordan throughout history that you can explore:
  1. Open Source Community Jordan (OSCJ): OSCJ is a community of open-source enthusiasts in Jordan. They organize events and meetups to promote open-source software development in the country. You can join their community on Facebook or follow their Twitter account.

  2. [email protected]: [email protected] is an initiative by Yarmouk University in Jordan to promote the use of open-source software in education and research. They offer training and workshops on various open-source technologies, such as Linux, Python, and MySQL.

  3. Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA): JOSA is a non-profit organization in Jordan that promotes the use of open-source software in the country. They provide training and support to individuals and organizations interested in using open-source technologies.

  4. Jordan Open Source Innovation (JOSI): JOSI is a project by the Ministry of ICT in Jordan to promote open-source innovation in the country. They offer funding and support to startups and entrepreneurs working on open-source projects.

Notable Technologists from Jordan:

  1. Raed Al-Masri: Raed is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Jordan. He is the founder of several startups, including Nakhweh, an online platform for social innovation, and Zikra Initiative, a non-profit organization that promotes education and social entrepreneurship in rural areas of Jordan.

  2. Samer Buna: Samer is a software engineer and author from Jordan. He has written several books on web development and is a popular speaker at tech conferences around the world.

  3. Nadia Al-Khater: Nadia is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Jordan. She is the co-founder of Jamalon, an online bookstore that specializes in Arabic books. She is also a board member of the Jordanian Business and Professional Women Association.

  4. Ibrahim Al-Kharabsheh: Ibrahim is a computer scientist and professor from Jordan. He is the founder of the Arab Open University, a distance learning institution that uses open-source software to deliver courses to students in the Arab world.

Overall, there are many resources and notable technologists in Jordan that you can explore to learn more about open-source tech in the country. From community groups to startup founders, Jordan has a thriving open-source ecosystem that is worth exploring.

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