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Making open-source more accessible.
Kiribati is a small island nation in the Pacific that has a budding interest in open-source technology. The best way to learn more about open-source tech in Kiribati is through online resources, social media groups, and by connecting with notable technologists from Kiribati. Here are some resources and technologists to get started:
  1. Kiribati Open Source Community - This is a Facebook group that discusses and shares resources on open-source technology in Kiribati.

  2. Kiribati Computer Science Association - This is a group of computer science enthusiasts in Kiribati that organize events and share resources.

  3. The Pacific Open Source Software Observatory - This is an online resource that provides information on open-source software in the Pacific.

  4. Notable technologists from Kiribati:

    a. Kaburoro Kourabi - Kourabi is a pioneer in technology in Kiribati and has been instrumental in the development of ICT policies in the country.

    b. Tekaraeti Iuta - Iuta is a software developer and a co-founder of Kiribati Computer Science Association.

    c. Teruia Awerika - Awerika is a computer science graduate who is passionate about the development of open-source technology in Kiribati.

    d. Raobeia Ken Sigrah - Sigrah is an ICT consultant who has been involved in the development of the Kiribati ICT Strategic Plan.

By connecting with these technologists and engaging in online communities, you can learn more about the open-source technology movement in Kiribati.

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