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To learn more about open-source tech in Kyrgyzstan, here are some resources and notable technologists from Kyrgyzstan throughout history:
  1. Kyrgyzstan Open Source Community - an online community where developers, software engineers, and IT enthusiasts come together to share ideas, knowledge, and collaborate on open-source projects.

  2. Kyrgyzstan Open Data Portal - a platform that provides access to open data sets from various government agencies, NGOs, and other organizations.

  3. Kyrgyzstan Open Source Software Development Association - an organization that promotes the use of open-source software in the country.

  4. Techstars Central Asia Accelerator - a program that provides mentorship and resources to tech startups in the Central Asian region, including Kyrgyzstan.

  5. Notable technologists from Kyrgyzstan throughout history:

  • Dr. Tynchtyk Djumalieva - a computer scientist and academic who has made significant contributions to the field of distributed systems and grid computing.

  • Dr. Kubatbek Tabaldiev - a software engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded several successful tech startups, including Digital Silk Road and

  • Talant Sultanov - a mobile app developer and founder of Appkraken, a mobile development company based in Kyrgyzstan.

  • Nurlan Bakirov - a computer scientist and researcher who has published several papers on distributed systems and cloud computing.

  • Ulan Degenbaev - a software engineer and founder of Kloop Media, an independent media outlet that focuses on investigative journalism and open data.

By exploring these resources and learning more about the contributions of notable technologists from Kyrgyzstan throughout history, one can gain a deeper understanding of open-source tech in the country and the potential it holds for future innovation and development.

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