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To learn more about open-source tech in Laos, you can start by exploring the following resources:
  1. Open Development Laos: This is a platform that provides information on development initiatives and data for Laos. It includes a section on open source software, which provides information on different open-source projects and their adoption in the country.

  2. FOSSASIA: This is an organization that promotes open-source software in Asia. They hold an annual conference in Singapore and organize various events and workshops throughout the year. They have a community in Laos, and you can join their mailing list to stay updated on their activities.

  3. Laos Open Source Society: This is a community of open-source enthusiasts in Laos. They organize events and workshops to promote the use of open-source software in the country. You can follow their Facebook page to stay updated on their activities.

  4. Open Source Initiative: This is a non-profit organization that promotes open-source software and its adoption. They have a list of approved licenses that can be used for open-source software.

Some notable technologists from Laos throughout history include:

  1. Boun Thorne: He is a computer scientist and entrepreneur who co-founded a software development company in Laos called Amphon Technology. He has also developed open-source software for the Lao language.

  2. Anousone Khamsingsavath: He is a mobile app developer who has created several popular apps, including Sleep Pillow and Logo Maker. He is also a contributor to several open-source projects.

  3. Phonekeo Vorapheth: He is a software engineer and the founder of the Laos Open Source Society. He has been actively promoting the use of open-source software in Laos and has organized several events to raise awareness about it.

  4. Khamla Bounyaseng: He is a software developer who has developed several open-source projects, including an online Lao-English dictionary and a text-to-speech engine for the Lao language.

These are just a few notable technologists from Laos. There are many more individuals and organizations in Laos that are contributing to the open-source community.

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