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Learning about open-source tech in Liberia can be a rewarding and exciting experience. Here are some resources and notable technologists from Liberia throughout history that can help you get started:
  1. Liberia Open Data Portal: This platform provides access to a vast range of data, statistics, and information about various aspects of Liberia, including open-source technology. It is an excellent resource for those who want to learn more about how open-source tech is being used in Liberia.

  2. iLab Liberia: This is a technology hub and incubator in Liberia that promotes the use of open-source technology in solving the country’s development challenges. The hub offers training, mentorship, and resources to aspiring technologists and entrepreneurs.

  3. Samuel D. Tweah Jr.: He is the current Minister of Finance and Development Planning in Liberia and is known for his efforts in promoting open-source technology in the country. Tweah has been instrumental in implementing policies that support the use of open-source software in government institutions and other sectors.

  4. Dr. Elwood Dunn: He is a renowned Liberian scholar and technologist who has made significant contributions to the development of open-source technology in Liberia. Dr. Dunn has written extensively on the use of technology in promoting development in Liberia.

  5. E. Sumo Jones: He is a Liberian software developer and entrepreneur who has created several open-source technology tools for use in Liberia. Jones is the founder of Open Liberia, an organization that provides free and open-source software to Liberian schools, businesses, and individuals.

  6. Liberian Geek: This is a blog that provides information and resources about open-source technology in Liberia. It is an excellent resource for those who want to learn more about the latest developments in this field.

In conclusion, learning about open-source technology in Liberia requires an open mind and a willingness to explore new ideas and concepts. The resources and technologists listed above can help you get started on this exciting journey.

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