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To learn more about open-source tech in Luxembourg, one can explore the following resources with links:
  1. Open Source Luxembourg: A non-profit association that promotes open-source software and fosters collaboration between businesses, universities, and the government. It hosts events and workshops, publishes news and resources, and provides a directory of local open-source companies and projects.

  2. Open Data Luxembourg: A government initiative that promotes the use and sharing of open data. It provides access to various datasets, tools, and applications, and encourages the development of innovative solutions based on open data.

  3. Luxembourg Open Innovation Club: A community of startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators that aims to foster collaboration and innovation through open-source principles. It organizes events, workshops, and hackathons, and provides a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

Some notable technologists from Luxembourg throughout history include:

  1. Jean-Pierre Hansen: A physicist and mathematician who co-developed the Hansen-Kuipers potential, a mathematical model used in molecular dynamics simulations. He was also a co-founder of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology.

  2. Gaston Gonner: A computer scientist who contributed to the development of the first Luxembourgish programming language, ALGOL 60. He also worked on various projects related to computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and software engineering.

  3. Pol Flesch: A computer engineer who developed the first computer system for the Luxembourgish National Library. He also co-founded several software companies, including Arca, which developed the first Luxembourgish accounting software.

Overall, Luxembourg has a vibrant open-source community, with many organizations and individuals working to promote and advance open-source principles and technologies.

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