Madagascar Dojo

Making open-source more accessible.
1. Start with the Madagascar Open Data Portal: This portal contains various open datasets in Madagascar. It provides access to a range of public data on various topics such as agriculture, health, education, and environment.
  1. Check out Madagascar’s National Open Source Strategy (SON), which was created to promote the development and use of open source software and open standards in Madagascar.

  2. Join the Madagascar Open Source Community (MOSC) which provides an online platform to share and learn about open-source technologies.

  3. Explore Malagasy geospatial data resources. Geospatial data is an essential component of open-source technologies. The National Geographic Institute of Madagascar provides a range of free and open data such as topographic maps, digital elevation models, and satellite imagery.

Notable Technologists from Madagascar

  1. Henri Razafinarivo: An ICT professional and entrepreneur, Henri founded Smart Solutions in Madagascar, an IT company that specializes in developing open-source solutions for the African market.

  2. Toavina Ralambomahay: A software developer and founder of FOSSFA (Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa). He is also an advocate of open data in Madagascar and has been working on various projects to increase the use of open source technologies in the country.

  3. Harinjatovo Rakotoson: A computer scientist and professor of computer science at the University of Antananarivo. His research interests include distributed systems, cloud computing, and open-source software.

  4. Hery Zo Rakotondramanana: A software developer and founder of Foko, a Malagasy nonprofit organization that promotes the use of technology and social media for social good. He has also been working on various open source projects, such as Drupal and Joomla.

  5. Mialy Andriamananjara: A Malagasy software developer and the founder of Miray IT Solutions, an IT company that specializes in open-source solutions. She is also a member of the Madagascar Open Source Community (MOSC) and actively involved in promoting open source technologies in Madagascar.

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