Malawi Dojo

Making open-source more accessible.
1. Open Source Malawi: This is a community of open-source enthusiasts in Malawi. Their website provides a lot of information on open source technologies, events, and resources for people who want to learn more.
  1. Malawi Linux User Group: This is a community of Linux users in Malawi. They hold regular meetups, workshops, and conferences to promote the use of open-source software.

  2. Malawi Innovation Hub: This is a tech hub in Malawi that provides resources and support to entrepreneurs and startups. They have a strong focus on open-source technology and offer training and workshops on various open-source tools.

  3. Notable Technologists from Malawi: Some notable technologists from Malawi include:

  • William Kamkwamba: He is known for building a windmill in his village using spare parts and blue gum trees. His story was featured in the book “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” and the subsequent Netflix movie.

  • Rachel Sibande: She is the founder of mHub, Malawi’s first technology hub. She has won several awards for her work in promoting technology in Malawi.

  • Dr. Andrew Daudi: He is a professor at the University of Malawi and has done extensive research on open-source technologies in education.

  • Purity Ngina: She is a software developer and advocate for women in technology. She co-founded Girl Code, an organization that provides training and mentorship to women who want to pursue careers in tech.

Overall, there are many resources and individuals in Malawi who are passionate about open-source technology. With the right support and resources, the country has the potential to become a hub for open-source innovation in Africa.

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