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Making open-source more accessible.
1. Open Source Malaysia - This website is a great resource for learning about open-source tech in Malaysia. It provides news, events, and updates on open-source projects and initiatives in the country. Link: [](
  1. Malaysia Open Source Community - This is a community-driven platform that promotes open-source technology and provides resources for individuals and organizations to get involved. Link:

  2. Open Source Initiative Malaysia - This is an organization that supports and advocates for the use of open-source technology in Malaysia. They provide training and consulting services to help individuals and businesses adopt open-source solutions. Link:

  3. Open Source University - This is an online learning platform that offers courses and resources on open-source technology. It is a great place to learn the skills necessary to contribute to open-source projects. Link:

Notable Technologists from Malaysia:

  1. Dr. Mazlan Abbas - A prominent figure in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, Dr. Mazlan is the founder and CEO of FAVORIOT, an IoT platform provider. Link:

  2. Datuk Dr. Mohd Yusof Noor - A well-known figure in the software industry, Dr. Mohd Yusof is the founder of MYNIC, the domain registry for Malaysia. Link:

  3. Dr. Wan Tat Chee - A pioneer in the field of computer science in Malaysia, Dr. Wan Tat Chee was the founder of the first computer science department in the country at Universiti Malaya. Link:

  4. Azlan Mahmud - A software engineer and entrepreneur, Azlan is the founder of OpenMRS, an open-source electronic medical record system. Link:

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