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To learn more about open-source tech in Mali, here are some resources with links:
  1. Mali Linux - Mali Linux is an open-source operating system based on Ubuntu that is specifically designed for use in Mali. It offers several features and tools for software development, web browsing, and multimedia content creation.

  2. The Open Source Initiative - The Open Source Initiative is a non-profit organization that promotes open-source software and the benefits it offers. Their website provides resources for learning about open-source software and licensing.

  3. The African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) - AIMS is a pan-African network of centers of excellence for postgraduate education, research, and outreach in mathematical sciences. AIMS has a focus on open-source software and provides resources and training on open-source tools for research and education.

Notable technologists from Mali throughout history include:

  1. Cheick Modibo Diarra - Cheick Modibo Diarra is a Malian astrophysicist and former NASA scientist. He is known for his work on the Mars Pathfinder mission and for promoting science and technology in Africa. He also served as Mali’s Prime Minister in 2012.

  2. Oumou Sangaré - Oumou Sangaré is a Malian singer and entrepreneur who has used technology to promote and distribute her music. She has launched her own music streaming platform and has used social media to connect with fans around the world.

  3. Adama Diarra - Adama Diarra is a Malian computer scientist and entrepreneur who founded the software development company eSolutions in Mali. The company has developed several open-source software solutions for the Malian government and private sector.

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