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Learning about open-source technology in Mexico can be an enriching experience. The country has a vibrant technology community, with many developers and entrepreneurs dedicated to creating and promoting open-source technology. Here are some resources to help you learn more:
  1. Mexican Free Software Community (Comunidad de Software Libre México) - This community is dedicated to promoting free and open-source software in Mexico. Their website provides news, forums, and resources related to open-source technology.

  2. Open Source Weekends (Fin de Semana de Software Libre) - This is an annual event that brings together open-source developers and enthusiasts from across Mexico to share ideas, collaborate on projects, and learn new skills.

  3. RedHat - This is a global open-source software company with offices in Mexico. They offer a wide range of open-source solutions and services, including training and support.

  4. Notable technologists from Mexico throughout history include:

  • Ángel Díaz Barriga - An expert in educational technology and the founder of the Mexican Association for Educational Technology.
  • René Rojas - A pioneer in computer science in Mexico, who developed one of the country’s first computer systems in the 1960s.
  • Jose Luis Encarnacion Jr. - Founder of the Latin American Association of Free Software, dedicated to promoting open-source technology in the region.

By exploring these resources and learning about notable technologists from Mexico’s history, you can gain a better understanding of the country’s contributions to the global open-source community.

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