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To learn more about open-source tech in Moldova, there are several resources and notable technologists to explore:
  1. Open Source Community Moldova (OSCM) - a community of developers and IT professionals in Moldova dedicated to promoting open-source technologies. Their website ( provides information on events, projects, and resources related to open source.

  2. Moldova Open Data - a platform that provides access to a variety of open data sets from Moldova. This resource can be helpful for those interested in using open data to create open-source projects.

  3. - a website that provides news and information about Moldova’s IT industry, including open-source technology developments.

  4. Notable Technologists from Moldova:

  • Andrei Alexandrescu - a computer scientist and software developer known for his work on the D programming language. He was born in Moldova and later emigrated to the United States.

  • Eugeniu Prodan - a software engineer who co-founded the open-source project OpenStack, which provides a platform for cloud computing.

  • Radu Berinde - a computer scientist and researcher known for his work on algorithms and data structures. He has contributed to several open-source projects, including the Boost C++ libraries.

  • Victor Bucataru - a software developer and entrepreneur who co-founded the open-source project Intellexer, which provides natural language processing tools.

Overall, there are many resources and individuals in Moldova that are contributing to the open-source tech community. By exploring these resources and learning from these notable technologists, one can gain a deeper understanding of the open-source landscape in Moldova.

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