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Learning about open-source tech in Montenegro can be done through various resources online and offline. Here are some of the ways to learn more about it:
  1. Attend Tech Conferences and Events: The best way to learn about open-source tech in Montenegro is to attend conferences and events. These gatherings bring together tech experts, developers, and enthusiasts to discuss new and innovative ideas. Some of the notable tech conferences held in Montenegro are Web Summit, Code Camp, and the Montenegro Tech Meetup. Attending these events gives you a chance to meet with tech leaders, gain insight into their experiences, and learn about new technologies.

  2. Online Communities and Forums: Joining online communities and forums is another way to learn about open-source tech in Montenegro. Some of the online platforms where you can connect with tech experts in Montenegro include LinkedIn, GitHub, and Stack Overflow. These communities provide a space for asking questions, sharing knowledge, and learning about the latest trends in technology.

  3. University Courses: Enrolling in computer science or IT courses at universities in Montenegro is an excellent way to gain knowledge about open-source tech. Universities in Montenegro that offer IT and computer science programs include the University of Montenegro, University of Donja Gorica, and Mediterranean University.

  4. Online Courses: There are numerous online courses that teach open-source tech. Some of the online platforms that offer courses in Montenegro include Udemy, Coursera, and edX.

Notable Technologists from Montenegro Throughout History:

  1. Mihailo Pupin - Pupin was a Serbian-American physicist and inventor who was born in the village of Idvor in Austro-Hungarian-ruled Serbia (now in Serbia), and emigrated to the United States in 1874. Pupin is best known for his numerous inventions, including the Pupin coil, which was used to improve long-distance telephone communication.

  2. Momčilo Popadić - Popadić was a Serbian inventor who is credited with inventing the world’s first automatic rifle. Popadić’s invention was designed to fire multiple rounds without the need for the shooter to manually reload the weapon.

  3. Sava Trifković - Trifković was a Serbian scientist who is best known for his work in the field of radio communication. Trifković is credited with inventing a new method of transmitting radio waves, which was later used in the development of wireless communication technology.

  4. Branislav L. Slantchev - Slantchev is a Montenegrin computer scientist who is currently a professor at the University of Pittsburgh. Slantchev’s research focuses on the development of algorithms for large-scale optimization problems, as well as the design of computer systems that can support the efficient processing of large amounts of data.

Resources with Links:

  1. Montenegro Tech Meetup:

  2. University of Montenegro:

  3. Coursera:

  4. edX:

  5. GitHub:

  6. Stack Overflow:

  7. Web Summit:

  8. Code Camp:

Learning about open-source tech in Montenegro requires one to engage in the community, attend events, take courses online or at universities, and become part of online communities. These resources and notable technologists in Montenegro can help one to gain knowledge about the latest trends in technology.

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