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Learning more about open-source tech in Morocco can be done through the following resources and links:
  1. Open Source Morocco: This website is a hub for open-source projects in Morocco, providing resources and events for developers interested in contributing to open-source initiatives.

  2. MoroccoJS: This is a community for JavaScript developers in Morocco that organizes meetups, workshops, and conferences to promote open-source development in the country.

  3. GitHub: Morocco has a significant presence on GitHub, with many open-source projects and contributions from Moroccan developers. Searching for Morocco-related projects on GitHub can be a great way to find open-source tech initiatives in the country.

Some notable technologists from Morocco throughout history include:

  1. Tahar Ben Jelloun: A Moroccan author and poet who has written extensively on technology and society.

  2. Fouad Laroui: A Moroccan engineer and writer who has published books on technology and society, including “The Novel of the Future” and “The Future of the Internet.”

  3. Abdelmajid Benjelloun: A Moroccan computer scientist and entrepreneur who co-founded several tech startups, including SoftGroup and DataMen.

  4. Nabil Benamar: A Moroccan computer scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of computer science, particularly in the area of distributed systems.

Overall, learning more about open-source tech in Morocco can be done by connecting with local communities, exploring online resources, and researching the contributions of notable Moroccan technologists throughout history.

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