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I can provide some general tips on how to learn more about open-source technology and notable technologists from Nauru.
  1. Research online: A good starting point is to research online about open-source technology and its development in Nauru. Some resources include GitHub, open source software directories, and websites like,, and the Open Source Initiative.

  2. Join online communities: There are many online communities that focus on open-source technology, where you can learn from experts and engage with like-minded people. Some popular ones include Open Source for Good, Linux User Group Nauru, and the Nauru Open Data Initiative.

  3. Attend local meetups and events: Attending local meetups and events is a great way to meet people with similar interests and learn from experts in the field. Check out the local tech community, IT associations and organizations in Nauru.

  4. Read books and articles: There are many books and articles on open-source technology and its development, which can provide valuable insights and knowledge. Some recommended books include “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” by Eric S. Raymond, “The Art of Community” by Jono Bacon, and “Open Source Licensing” by Lawrence Rosen.

  5. Notable technologists from Nauru: Nauru has a small population and may not have a well-known history of technologists. However, some notable figures include Baron Waqa, former president of Nauru, who has advocated for technology development in the country, and Dr. Kieren Keke, a medical doctor and politician who has been involved in various initiatives related to technology and sustainability in the Pacific.

Overall, learning about open-source technology and its development in Nauru may require some extra research and effort, but with the right resources and community support, it can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience.

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