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Learning about open-source technology in Nepal can be done by exploring different resources such as online communities, blogs, events, and projects related to the topic. Some of the resources that can be useful are:
  1. Open Knowledge Nepal - a community of open knowledge enthusiasts working to promote open access, open data, and open source in Nepal. Website:
  2. Open Source Club Nepal - a student-led community that promotes open-source software and hardware development in Nepal. Website:
  3. FOSS Nepal - a non-profit organization that promotes free and open-source software in Nepal. Website:
  4. Nepal Open Data Index - a project that measures the openness of government data in Nepal. Website:

Notable technologists from Nepal throughout history include:

  1. Mahabir Pun - a social entrepreneur and wireless networking pioneer who brought the internet to remote areas of Nepal.
  2. Manoj Ghimire - a software engineer who created the popular Nepali language input method for computers.
  3. Subir Kumar Nandy - a computer scientist who developed the Nepali OCR (optical character recognition) system.
  4. Suraj Shakya - a software engineer who co-founded the open-source project Nepali Date Converter.

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