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Learning about open-source technology in North Korea can be a challenging task, given the country's isolation and limited access to information. However, here are some resources that can help you to start exploring this topic:
  1. The North Korean Technology Forum: This online forum provides a platform for North Korean technologists and enthusiasts to share information and discuss open-source projects. You can find threads on various topics, such as programming languages, operating systems, and software development tools.

  2. The North Korea Tech blog: This blog is run by Martyn Williams, a journalist who has been covering North Korea’s technology sector for many years. The blog covers a wide range of topics, including open-source software and hardware, and features interviews with North Korean technologists.

  3. The Pyongyang University of Science and Technology: This university is one of the few institutions in North Korea that has a focus on technology education. They offer courses in computer science, electrical engineering, and other related fields. Although the university is not open to the public, they have released some information on their website.

Some notable technologists from North Korea throughout history include:

  1. Pak Chol: A computer scientist who developed one of North Korea’s first computer operating systems in the 1980s.

  2. Hong Yong-hee: An engineer who developed the “Arirang” smartphone, which runs on a modified version of the Android operating system and includes several North Korean apps.

  3. Jang Sung-taek: Although not a technologist himself, Jang was a powerful political figure in North Korea who played a key role in the country’s technology development. He was known for his interest in computer science and was involved in the development of the country’s cyber capabilities.

Overall, exploring open-source technology in North Korea can be challenging, but with some effort and the right resources, it is possible to learn more about this fascinating topic.

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