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Making open-source more accessible.
1. Visit Palau Open Source Technology (POST) website: The POST website is a community platform that promotes open-source technologies and solutions in Palau. The website is a great resource for learning about the latest trends and developments in the open-source tech space.
  1. Join Palau Open Source Technology Facebook Group: This is a community group where people interested in open-source technology in Palau can share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate on projects.

  2. Palau Community College: The Palau Community College offers courses on information technology and computer science, including open-source software development.

  3. Palau National Communications Corporation: The Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) is the country’s leading telecommunications company. They offer training and support for open-source technologies and solutions.

  4. Palau National Marine Sanctuary: The Palau National Marine Sanctuary (PNMS) is a conservation effort that uses open-source technologies to monitor and manage Palau’s marine resources.

Notable technologists from Palau throughout history:

  1. Jackson Henry: Jackson Henry was the founder and CEO of Belau Submarine Cable Corporation. He was instrumental in bringing high-speed internet to Palau, which has paved the way for open-source technology adoption in the country.

  2. Randy Obrien: Randy Obrien is a software developer who has worked on open-source projects for the Palau government and other organizations. He is also a contributor to the Palau Open Source Technology community.

  3. Earl Decherong: Earl Decherong is a network engineer who has been involved in implementing open-source solutions in Palau. He has worked on projects related to network security and data management.

  4. Debra Tarkong: Debra Tarkong is a technology consultant who has advised various organizations in Palau on open-source technology solutions. She has also been involved in developing and implementing open-source software for businesses in the country.

  5. Anthony Tarkong: Anthony Tarkong is a computer science professor at Palau Community College. He has taught courses on open-source software development and has encouraged his students to contribute to open-source projects.

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