Panama Dojo

Making open-source more accessible.
1. Join the Open Source Community in Panama: The Panama Open Source Community is a group of developers, entrepreneurs, and IT professionals who collaborate to promote the use of open-source software and technology. Join their Facebook group to stay updated on their events and discussions.
  1. Attend Meetups and Conferences: Attend tech meetups and conferences in Panama to learn about open-source tech and network with other like-minded individuals. Check out events on or Eventbrite.

  2. Visit Open Source Websites: Several websites provide information on open-source technology in Panama, including PanamaTIC and Tecnologia Libre. These sites provide information on events, news, and resources related to open-source technology.

  3. Follow Open Source Technologists from Panama: Several notable technologists have emerged from Panama throughout history. Some of them include:

  • Demetrio Maduro: Known as the father of computing in Panama, Maduro founded the first computer science department at the University of Panama and was a pioneer in the field of computer programming.

  • Rodrigo Noriega: A software engineer and entrepreneur, Noriega co-founded a company that develops open-source software for healthcare organizations in Latin America.

  • Alberto Samuel Caballero: An IT consultant and professor, Caballero has been a strong advocate for open-source technology in Panama and has given talks on the subject at various conferences.

  • Armando Fuentes: A software developer and entrepreneur, Fuentes founded several tech startups in Panama and has contributed to several open-source projects.

By utilizing the above resources and learning from the achievements of notable technologists, you can learn more about open-source tech in Panama.

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