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To learn more about open-source tech in Papua New Guinea, there are several resources and notable technologists to consider:
  1. Papua New Guinea Open Source Network: The Papua New Guinea Open Source Network is an online community of IT professionals and enthusiasts who promote the use of open-source software in the country. Their website offers resources, news, and events related to open-source tech.

  2. PNG ICT Cluster: The PNG ICT Cluster is a group of technology companies, government agencies, and academic institutions working together to promote the development of the country’s ICT sector. They offer training and networking opportunities for tech professionals in Papua New Guinea.

  3. Devpolicy Blog: The Devpolicy Blog is a platform for experts to share their views and analysis on development issues in the Pacific region, including ICT and open-source technology. They often feature articles on the topic of open-source tech in Papua New Guinea.

  4. Notable Technologists from Papua New Guinea: Some notable technologists from Papua New Guinea throughout history include:

  • Dr. Jacob Akuamoah-Boateng, an ICT expert who has worked on several projects related to e-government and cybersecurity in the country.

  • Herman Wai, a computer science professor at the University of Papua New Guinea who has authored several papers on the use of ICT in education and development.

  • Thomas Ksela, an entrepreneur who founded the ICT company, Kina Group, which has become one of the largest tech companies in the country.

Overall, there are many resources and individuals in Papua New Guinea working to promote the use of open-source technology. By exploring these resources and learning from notable technologists, you can gain a deeper understanding of the open-source tech scene in Papua New Guinea.

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