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To learn more about open-source tech in Paraguay, here are some resources and notable technologists from Paraguay throughout history:


  1. Paraguay IT Community: This is a community of IT professionals, developers, and enthusiasts in Paraguay that aims to promote the use and development of open-source technologies. They organize events, workshops, and conferences, and share information about the latest trends and projects in the tech industry. You can visit their website at

  2. Paraguay Digital: This is a government agency that promotes the use of digital technologies in Paraguay, including open-source software. They offer training and support to businesses and organizations that want to adopt these technologies, and they also collaborate with local and international partners to develop new projects. You can visit their website at

  3. Paraguay Software: This is a platform that connects software developers and IT companies in Paraguay, and provides resources and tools for the development of open-source software. They also offer job opportunities and training for IT professionals. You can visit their website at

Notable Technologists:

  1. Carlos Antonio López: He was the first president of Paraguay, and is considered one of the most important figures in the country’s history. He was also a mathematician and a scientist, and introduced several innovations in education, transportation, and communication.

  2. Ramón Vargas Salcedo: He was a physicist and a researcher who made significant contributions to the study of cosmic rays and high-energy particles. He also founded the Paraguayan Society of Physics, and was a professor at the National University of Asunción.

  3. María Belén Ruiz Diaz: She is a computer scientist and a developer who has created several open-source projects, including PySchool, a platform for teaching Python programming to children. She is also a member of the Python Software Foundation and the Paraguay IT Community.

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