Some of our favorite open-source apps and partners.

The open-source revolution is about supporting open-source creators, fostering and empowering development communities, and making open-source more accessible. We encourage you to browse the app creators own sites, to sign up for their services, and become an active part of their communities. Links to each creator site as well as to their respective Github repositories will be provided below.

Browse any number of other Github repositories that support Docker (and contain a docker-compose.yml file) and in most cases your dojo will be compatible with it. If you have a question about a specific resository, please let us know via chat or e-mail.

Orchestrate your triggers and actions.

Make the connections between the things that matter in your digital lives! Odds are there’s an API for just about everything you could want. Finding them is one thing, but making them talk to any of the others will be a challenge. That’s where n8n comes in.

n8n allows you to “speak to” all the digital bits and bobs that are floating out and about across the digital sea. Somebody you know having a birthday? Queue up a birthday card to mailed out! Want to know when Covid levels are increasing in your county via both e-mail and text message? No problem. With n8n, anything’s possible.


Just like it’s pricier bigger brother, Zapier, n8n still costs premium business users $50/month but is every bit as powerful. It’s also open-source, meaning you can just deploy it on your own server and get all that functionality for next to nothing.

n8n allows your to pair triggers and actions together from data points across the web. Want a text message when the temp hits 32 degrees? Easy! Want to get an e-mail when someone rings your Ring doorbell? No problem! With so many API integrations at your disposal, n8n could easily become the most powerful tool in the toolkit!

N8n’s site:


Wordpress is old hat. Ghost is fast, responsive, it’s UI is inviting, and best of all it has payments and subscriptions built right in. We too should have went with Ghost from the get-go. Ghost Pro costs $25/month. Not pocketchange!

Self-hosting to the rescue! You can deploy Ghost onto your own server for free. It’s open-source too! We deploy it for you in a Work Dojo.

Ghost’s site:

Hugo static site generator.

We here at Work Dojos run both a Ghost blog and a static website built with Hugo. We used to use Wordpress but it was a bit cumbersome managing multiple sites (and our Google SEO performance score was always so low!). So we went with what’s known to be the fastest website on the internet. Meet Hugo, we’ll show you how. Or stick with Ghost (or even Wordpress, sure, you can self-host that too for free!). Host it your way!

Hugo’s site:

Think Slack. It’s just like it. But it’s better. Can you guess why? Because it’s self-hosted of course. This is YOUR chat app. This is YOU as the almighty Admin. You can deploy a call center, integrate with AI bots, and even reply to SMS messages from within the web app. comes with your Dojo.

Rocket.Chat’s site:


Airtable is the new big thing! But it’s expensive and the free plan is limiting. Baserow is the open-source alternative to Airtable. They also have a paid premium plan (as do many open-source providers), but they also being open-source share their code with anyone. We deploy this into your Work Dojo for free.

A code-free database app is like a spreadsheet in the cloud. Each cell in the spreadsheet can be attached to a URL of sorts to make it accessible across the web, inside other apps, on your dashboard, anywhere. That’s the power of running your own code-free db. Luckily Baserow comes with loads of templates that are ready to roll. Dig deep on this one y’all!

Baserow’s site:


Can you imagine a better way to cememnt your legacy than by having your own Wiki. A collection of your knowledge, your vision, your message to the world. Or it can just be a great way to organize your thoughts. Think Wikipedia. But yours.

Wiki.js is a fantastic tool that you can play around with at your leisure since we set this one up in your Work Dojo as well.

Wiki.js’s site: https://wiki.js/

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