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1. Open Source Communities and Groups in Rwanda:
  • Open Source Rwanda: A community-driven initiative that aims to promote the use and development of open source software in Rwanda. They organize events, trainings, and workshops to raise awareness and build capacity in the community.

  • Rwanda Linux User Group: A community of Linux enthusiasts in Rwanda who organize meetups and share knowledge about Linux and other open source technologies.

  • Women in Tech Rwanda: A community of women in tech who aim to empower and support each other in their careers. They organize events and workshops on various topics, including open source.

  1. Online Resources:
  • Open Source for Africa: An online platform that provides information and resources on open source software and its benefits for African countries, including Rwanda.

  • Open Source Initiative: A non-profit organization that promotes and protects open source software. Their website offers resources, news, and a directory of open source licenses.

  • GitHub: A platform for software development collaboration that hosts many open source projects. You can search for projects related to Rwanda or connect with Rwandan developers on the platform.

  1. Notable Technologists from Rwanda:
  • Pascal Niyonshuti: A software engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded POSITIVE THINKING COMPANY, an IT company that provides open source solutions and services in Rwanda.

  • Clarisse Iribagiza: A tech entrepreneur who co-founded HeHe Limited, a software development company in Rwanda that focuses on mobile applications and e-commerce solutions.

  • Dorcas Muthoni: A software engineer and entrepreneur who founded OPENWORLD LTD, an IT company that provides open source solutions and services in Rwanda and other African countries.

  • Antoine Rutayisire: A computer scientist who co-founded kLab, a tech innovation hub in Rwanda that promotes entrepreneurship and provides training and mentorship to young developers.

  • Newton Ushry: A software engineer who co-founded Gro Intelligence, a data analytics company that uses open source technology to provide insights on agriculture and food security.

Overall, there are several resources available for learning more about open source tech in Rwanda, including communities, online platforms, and notable technologists who are driving the development and adoption of open source solutions in the country.

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