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Learning more about open-source tech in Samoa can be a challenging task due to limited resources and exposure. However, the following resources can provide an insight into the open-source tech scene in Samoa:
  1. Samoa Coding Academy: It is a non-profit organization established to provide affordable coding education to Samoan students. The academy teaches various programming languages, including Python, JavaScript, and HTML/CSS.

  2. SamoaTech: It is a Facebook group created to bring together Samoan technology professionals and enthusiasts. The group discusses various topics related to technology, including open-source tech, and provides a platform for sharing knowledge and ideas.

  3. Open Samoa: It is an initiative by the Samoan government to promote open data and open-source technology in Samoa. The project aims to make government data more accessible to the public and encourage the use of open-source software.

Notable technologists from Samoa throughout history:

  1. Kolone Vaai: He is a Samoan-born computer scientist and professor at the University of Hawaii. He is known for his work in the field of network security and has published several papers on the subject.

  2. Vicky Lepou: She is a Samoan software engineer and the founder of the Samoa Coding Academy. She is also a recipient of the Queen’s Young Leaders Award for her work in promoting technology education in Samoa.

  3. Malia Paseka: She is a Samoan software engineer and the founder of Coding Samoa, a non-profit organization that provides coding education to underprivileged Samoan students.

In conclusion, learning more about open-source tech in Samoa requires a bit of research, but there are resources available to help interested individuals gain an understanding of the subject. Notable technologists from Samoa throughout history, such as Kolone Vaai, Vicky Lepou, and Malia Paseka, have contributed significantly to the tech industry and serve as inspiration for young Samoan students.

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