Sao Tome and Principe Dojo

Making open-source more accessible.
To learn more about open-source tech in Sao Tome and Principe, here are some resources and notable technologists to explore:
  1. The Sao Tome and Principe Open Data Portal: This is a government-run platform that provides free access to data on various sectors, including health, education, and the environment. The portal also includes a section on open-source software and applications.

  2. The Sao Tome and Principe Chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation: This is a community-led initiative that promotes open access to information and knowledge. The chapter organizes events, workshops, and other activities to raise awareness of the benefits of open-source technology.

  3. The Sao Tome and Principe ICT Association: This is an industry association that represents the interests of the country’s ICT sector. The association is involved in promoting open-source technology as a way of enhancing the country’s digital capabilities.

  4. Notable Technologists from Sao Tome and Principe: While the country’s technology sector is still developing, there are several notable technologists who have contributed to its growth. These include:

  • Damião Vaz d’Almeida: A software engineer and entrepreneur who founded a technology company called Kriolscope.

  • Maria de Fátima Lima: A computer scientist and educator who has worked to promote STEM education in the country.

  • Rui Lopes: A cybersecurity expert and researcher who has contributed to the development of the country’s cyber defense capabilities.

  • Edite Tavares: A software developer and entrepreneur who co-founded a company called Pixizone, which provides digital marketing and e-commerce solutions.

By exploring these resources and learning about the work of these notable technologists, you can gain a better understanding of the state of open-source technology in Sao Tome and Principe and the opportunities and challenges facing the sector.

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